M2 Series Detector Head

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The RKI M2™ is a state-of-the-art transmitter that can operate as an independent, stand-alone system or as part of an integrated system. The M2 connects with an analog or digital signal to virtually any controller, PLC, or DCS. Setup procedures are simplified with user friendly push buttons and LCD menus. It utilizes a magnetic wand technique for performing non-intrusive calibration. The M2 provides an automatic zero drift correction feature, which results in more stable readings and reduces the need for adjustments due to sensor aging.

The housing of the M2 does not need to be opened for zeroing or calibration, making it unnecessary to declassify the area for routine maintenance. It is designed so that a complete field calibration can be performed by one person. Sensor construction is rated Class I, Div. 1 groups B, C, D for flammables, CO, H2S, O2, and CO2, and Class I, Div. 2 for all other toxics.

The transmitter provides a 4-20 mA output in addition to a Modbus digital output. It also has two levels of alarms with relays, plus a fail alarm with relay. A digital display of the gas concentration, as well as alarm and status lights, can be viewed through the front window.

The toxic sensors are electrochemical type plug-in sensors, which provide high specificity, fast response, and long life. The plug-in design allows quick replacement in the field with no tools required. Toxic sensors are designed for use in Class I, Div. 2 hazardous locations. Sensors available for NH3, SO2, PH3, ASH3, and HCN.

The M2 represents the latest leading edge technology in sensor / transmitters today.


Operates with or without a controller
Direct digital readout on backlit LCD
Available gases include
H2S, CO, PPM HC, & CO2
Toxic gases include NH3, SO2, HCN, and more
Infrared sensor for combustibles and CO2
4-20 mA & digital Modbus outputs standard
2 fully programmable alarm relays & fail relay
Non-intrusive calibration via magnetic wand
Explosion proof construction
Patented water repellent sensor cover
User friendly setup, push buttons & LCD menus
Long-life sensors (2 + years typical)


Petrochemical plants
Offshore drilling platforms
Water & wastewater treatment plants
Offshore oil rigs
Pulp & paper mills
Gas, telephone, & electric utilities
Parking garages
Manufacturing facilities


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